Chris Roberts

It Wasn't That Big A Deal According To Ravens Fan - Domestic Violence

Wow!  As I suspected the recent story of domestic violence and the video with Ray Rice and his wife has taken a back seat to it becoming an issue over whether the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell should keep his job or not with the evidence he had of this video and his lack of taking serious action.  YES, that is an issue, but the focus has once again been taken off the major issue.  Amazing to me is this story on www.canada.com about the support Ray Rice is receiving from many of the fans of the Baltimore Ravens.  Is this more of an issue about the team winning and losing or something else?  As one woman said, "I don’t agree with domestic violence, but she’s still with him, so obviously it wasn’t that big of...
Chris Roberts

Would Most People Do What This Man Did?

Here is a horrific story that ended with a man who was prepared to risk his life to save her.  As he said, "I wasn't leaving without her".  Far too often people know about abuse, but choose to ignore out of fear of harm for themselves.  Even if you don't think you can do something physically at that moment, please report to the police. Please watch the interview with this man who risked his life despite being physically at a disadvantage! http://wgntv.com/2014/09/08/man-helps-rescue-indiana-woman-who-was-abducted-and-kept-in-a-cage/An unlikely hero tells how he rescued a woman from a house of horrors in southern Indiana. Police say Joelle Lockwood was abducted off the street two months ago in Evansville. Suspects Ken...
Chris Roberts

Is There Any Answer In Dealing With Filth Like This?

Here is a disgusting story that we hear more and more often these days, or at least it appears that way.  Some say that disgusting pieces of filth like this should be, at a minimum, locked up forever while many others feel the death penalty is the best option.  My question is if stricter penalties would make this less likely to occur, or if continued education for both women and men on domestic violence is the better route, or if there just isn't any real strategy when it comes to violence like this?   Indiana man forced wife to be his sex slave, wear dog collar: Police   Kenneth Harden, 32, allegedly raped and tortured his wife of one year after meeting her on Craigslist and presenting himself as a devout Christian. Af...
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