Chris Roberts

Shouldn't The Focus Be On Ray Rice For His Disgusting Attack?

The disgusting assault of Janay Palmer by NFL football player Ray Rice has been getting huge news this week.  It can be seen here on the TMZ website http://www.tmz.com/2014/09/08/ray-rice-elevator-knockout-fiancee-takes-crushing-punch-video/  I have been watching the coverage this morning and there is blame on lawyers, the Raven football team, NFL head office administration, advertisers if they don't pull out, and yes Ray Rice, and Janay Palmer.  All these parties other than Ray Rice have involvement after the assault to different extents, BUT shouldn't almost all the focus and blame be on the attacker, Ray Rice in this video?  I think the focus is changing more to NFL commissioner for what he did and didn't know, b...
Chris Roberts

Anti-Rape Nail Polish - Good Or Bad Idea? What Do You Think?

I received this article on "Anti-Rape Nail Polish" which I will post in the hopes of getting conversation going on this topic which is controversial with many. What do you think? Four male undergraduate students at North Carolina State University made headlines after they created a nail polish called "Undercover Colors" to detect date-rape drugs. The nail polish is formulated to change color if you dip your finger in a drink spiked with one of the incapacitating drugs, such as Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid). The idea of anti-rape products isn't entirely new. Undercover Colors is yet another addition to a growing list of rape-prevention products. There has been talk of products such as date rape detectors built into d...
Chris Roberts

But The Attacker Promised To Let You Go!

I posted this morning about how one might come to terms with the extreme of self defense, which is possibly having to take someone's life.  It may be by accident or on purpose dependent on the variables of the scenario.  The comments coming in are excellent and have lead me to the following post. So often in cases of sexual assault or any scenario involving violence, there are many times when the attacker or attackers will attempt to take someone to a secondary location or tie them up in order to achieve their ultimate goal, whether it be an assault, rape, or murder.  These are two of the scenarios where I highly recommend you do not do what they say since being taken to a secondary location or being tied up dramatically red...
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