Chris Roberts

Most Effective Home Invasion Decoys

In my years of teaching self defense the one topic I hear or read about that might bring out people's greatest fear, is the topic of home invasions.  The one place most people feel safe is in their home, their sanctuary.  Families may have their guard and awareness to potential trouble heightened outside of the home, but most often they drop it when they are behind their closed doors.  So to become a victim of a home invasion leaves psychological trauma for the rest of many people's lives.  Here are some examples of home invasions and how they were targeted their victims.     What is the most common decoy that these attackers will use?  Here is a quick 21 second clip that tells you.  Can you guess ...
Chris Roberts

Being Too Polite Can Be Dangerous

One of the topics that runs through all SAFE International Self Defense seminars is discussion on "How being too polite can be dangerous".  Yes, being too polite can be dangerous. Someone who is going to harm you is going to look for someone they can take advantage of.  I am not sure how many self defense companies talk about this issue, but it is very important to cover when teaching civilians in a standard self defense course. SAFE International makes this topic a priority in its teachings.  If someone offers you help and you feel uncomfortable, and your intuition kicks in, say "NO" in a confident manner, not in a threatening one.  If they keep persisting, they are ignoring the answer you just gave them which is a...
Chris Roberts

SAFE International Self Defense Thought Of The Day

thoughtoftheday3Here is my latest SAFE International Self Defense Thought of the Day! Click on the image to enlarge [caption id="attachment_2322" align="alignleft" width="300"] Self Defense Thought of the Day!
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