Top 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go To The Ground On Purpose

I would like to offer my opinion on a conversation I  had with a woman about why you should not go to the ground on purpose in self defense.  Again, this is just my opinion, but I feel strongly about this.  It is amazing to me how some self defense instructors try to make their course different in hopes of attracting attention and making themselves unique.  I am very honest in that I take from others what I think "Will Make My Clients Safer" and give credit to them.  While every attack scenario is unique, there are some generalities that cover almost every scenario.  Different can work, but when it is no longer Gross Motor movements it is very possibly going to cause more harm for the victim.  SAFE International welcomes any thoughts on this as I am always open minded to different philosophies.  Again, if it will make myclients safer, I want to hear it.

I have read some self defense material in which they say the logic for going to the ground is that a women's legs are the strongest part of their body, so they should automatically fall to the ground.

Why should you not do this in my opinion?  

1) You are now on the ground where the attacker very likely wants to get you to begin with.

2) You have dramatically reduced your chances of  being able to run away quickly after striking the attacker.  If you are standing you can sometimes stun and run, which would allow you to exit much quicker than getting up off the ground.

3) You can use your legs standing up as well, although balance is an issue, so why go to ground to use them.  You also have many other striking tools if you are standing up.  Once you go to the ground, you have taken many effective strikes out of your aresenal and the attacker knows you have limited options in regards to where you can hit him.

4) If there are multiple attackers you have now made it even more difficult to get up.

5) Your other arm and hand strikes will be have their impact reduced because you are on your back, thus losing the ability to use rotation to create more power.

6) By being on ground you have made it easy for the attacker(s) to start kicking from you from different angles.  If an attacker uses the stomp, good luck, as one stomp to the head can be lethal.

7)  The theory of women having strong legs may be true, but the attacker is still likley to be stronger than you.  An attacker picks women they feel they are stronger than, so although your legs may be strong, I am betting the attacker is still  probably stronger.

I have also heard that psychologically it may freak the attacker out if you fall to the ground?  I think they would just find it odd and be thankful you have maybe assisted them in their purpose.

If you are on the ground there are very effective techniques to use which must be practiced, but if you start defending standing up, you have even more options.  Once you are on the ground try to keep your legs between yourself and the attacker because "yes" they are strong, but don't start on the ground as a first tactic.

Chris Roberts

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Sunday, 18 August 2019
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