Toronto High School Principal Endorses SAFE International

Recently we had a story arise where the skills that we taught at a school had to unfortunately be used.  I say unfortunately because I have always measured "success" in self defense by the less stories we hear, the more times violence was avoided.  But because nothing has "happened", it is hard to measure.  But occasionally we do hear from students where the material SAFE International™ has taught them has helped ensure they got home safely to their family.  This has driven our passion to keep spreading our teachings over the past 23 years.  Richard Dimitri was recently teaching at a school in the Toronto District School Board where a young girl had just finished attending just 3 of the self defense classes.  She was waiting by herself at a bus stop when someone attempted to grab and drag her to a secondary location from behind. She reacted exactly as she was taught as per her own words, she couldn’t believe how easy and instinctive it was to react as such and escape. Her parents were so ecstatic; (after the police was contacted and dust settled) they contacted the principal and insisted our programs be mandatory teaching in all schools.  As Richard recently wrote:  It isn’t just giving them the tools to protect themselves either; it is also giving them the tools to heal from past traumas. At least 1 out of 3 schools I go to, a girl steps out of the crowd to come and reveal to me, for the first time, a form of abuse or another that they have been through which by law, I have to report and would anyway, which leads to her finally getting it off her chest and receiving the proper and necessary care to both stop and heal the abuse if it is an ongoing thing.

The Principal of this school was kind enough to give us the following testimonial:

For several years now, our TDSB school's Phys. Ed. department has invited SAFE International to visit their classes and provide workshops to all grade 9 students.  In response to our  growing concern that our students lacked the awareness of potentially dangerous situations which may put them at risk, we began to place more emphasis on personal safety in our Health and Physical Education classes, including units on personal safety, injury prevention, conflict resolution, decision-making,  and reducing vulnerability.   The workshops from SAFE International complement our program in a way that is useful and relevant for youth.  Students and parents alike have expressed their gratitude and praise. These workshops have given students valuable information on detecting dangerous situations, diffusing or de-escalating potentially dangerous situations and reacting in ways that would improve their chances of "getting away" in the event of confrontation or danger.  The staff are knowledgeable and professional, and they've been an excellent resource for our teaching staff. Sincerely, Sandy Kaskens

We highly urge teachers, principal, and parents to research who they hire when it comes to teaching self defense to their students or children.   One should highly scrutinize who they hire when it comes to teaching potentially life saving info to our youth or any age for that matter.

SAFE International™ is a mobile self defense business who travels extensively teaching approximately 12,000 students each year. 

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

Managing Director, SAFE International™

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Saturday, 24 August 2019
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