Trusting Your Intuition Can Save Your Life

March 10, 2014, Toronto, Canada - In this SAFE International Self Defense blog I would like to discuss how "Trusting Your Intution Can Save Your Life".  Real self defense is about trusting your intuition, aka, gut feeling, along with awareness and avoidance concepts, verbal strategies, and lastly physical self defense concepts.  If there is one topic that I emphasize more than any other in every self defense seminar I conduct, it is to trust your intution.  Your intuition overrules everything.  What does it overrule?  It overrules that fear of being wrong and looking foolish to others.  Your intuition overrules that feeling that you are just being paranoid.  I would like to share a couple stories I recently heard which show how trusting one's intuition is what likely saved the lives of these women who shared them.  See, most self defense instructors measure the success of their business by how many stories they receive in which a former client has fought off some attacker or thug.  I take the opposite position, which is, the less stories I hear, the more our awareness and avoidance strategies have enabled a client to avoid a violent encounter, but because it didn't happen, it is hard to measure. As I always say, trusting your intuition will most often help you get home safely to your family.

WomensEbook-1600Story #1

A woman at one of my recent health care seminars described a terrifying experience in which she worked at a fast food restaurant.  She was working the night shift with one other employee.  A man came in brandishing a gun demanding she give him the money. Immediately her intuition told her to give the money from the first cash.  Then he demanded she go to the drive thru cash and get him the money.  For a brief moment she considered running to the back to escape the man, but at the last moment, that inner voice, aka gut feeling or intuition, told her to comply with the thief.  She gave him the money from that cash register as well.  Then he directed her towards the other 2 cash registers at the front, but she had no key to access them.  She calmly told the man she did not have the ability to open them, at which point he left the restaurant.  She contacted the police and gave them an excellent description.  This story describes exactly what I teach with all SAFE International self defense seminars, which is there are only 3 things in general terms that an attacker might want.

They are your valuables, your body, or your life.  2 of those 3 I will fight to save, but not valuables as they can be replaced.  It is amazing how many people feel that their valuables are possibly worth their life.  I always ask self defense seminar participants, "How much money is worth fighting for, and remember that whatever amount you tell me, you are indicating that might be the value of your life".  Virtually everyone agrees that if they knew the assailant would try to kill them, they would give up the valuables, but therein lies the challenge, because you don't know how far they are prepared to go to get your valuables.

Story #2

I recently met a teacher who indicated that I had taught her several years ago when she was as student.  She shared with me a self defense tip she remembered from the high school self defense course I taught her.  She was going on a trip overseas and had to get a special license to take her pet.  The building was located a bit off the main route of other offices.  As she left the building to return to her car, she felt an instant feeling of intution that someone may be following her.  She turned to have a man within a couple feet of her, staring at her, with a baseball bat in his hands and over his shoulder. Although scared, she calmly looked him in the eye.  He asked her for the time, which she gave, but as we teach, with her head staying up and eyes on the possible attacker, and her arms creating some distance.  He decided to walk away.  I can say with great certainty, that he was trying to use a distraction technique designed to get her to look down at her watch so he could assault her with the bat.  Now, both these stories involved a high level of intution that guided them to do what they felt best.

Our intuition is an amazing gift available to all of us.  Many are more in tune with it than others, but I believe, without proof, that we all have it, but it is what we do with that intuition, gut feeling, internal signals that will determine how effective it can be in possibly saving us from potential violence.  The intuition may start off very small with no obvious reason, but when one feels that slight discomfort, I suggest one stop, ask the appropriate questions, and then make the best decision for their personal safety.  If that feeling increases in the same scenario, I really caution one to acknowledge it, and get out of the scenario as quickly as possible.  If there is one book in particular I would recommend reading, it is "The Gift of Fear" by author Gavin De Becker.  It is an excellent read into the topic of intuition.

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