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The cheapest, easiest to acquire and most common weapon used in violence is the knife and other forms of edged weapons. More dangerous than and twice as treacherous as a gun at close range, the knife is by far one of the deadliest tools used in violent confrontations and can be found in every single kitchen household

The SAFE International™ Edged Weapons course extensively covers the psychology behind an edged attack, the recognition of behavioural patterns, body language, how to evade and escape as well as dozens of drills to improve your close quarter arsenal against an armed attacker.

Topics covered include static and dynamic attacks, attacks from the front and rear, controlling the weapon hand, dealing with the dreaded rear handed pump and stab while being grabbed by the lead hand, how to increase perception time while decreasing reaction time, how to use functional gross motor skills during the adrenal stress conditions phase, overkill mentality, as well as performance enhancement and survival strategies successfully used by security personnel, bouncers, law enforcement officers and soldiers worldwide.

That said, there is absolutely no guarantee nor is any self defense system fool or variable proof as there are way too many factors to determine absolute success, or in this case, survival. Anyone telling you different is full of shit and desperately trying to sell you something.

What this and all our modules offer is a differing paradigm along with functional and easily adaptable concepts, attributes and skills to enhance yourcanstockphoto54324624 survivability in a knife attack, not guarantee it. There are no techniques to memorize, no frills, just plain truth on defensive edged weapon attacks.

As with all of our courses, the concepts taught are basic, but highly effective in the event that one can’t avoid confrontation.  Knife attacks are particularly frightening to people which is why we stay away from much of the fancy techniques others teach.  There are no set moves that will protect you against a knife wielding attacker.

Scenario Replication Training One of the missing links in most self defense training is the opportunity to do drills in which scenarios are replicated to be as realistic as possible.  The benefit of this kind of training is immeasurable because it allows the client to experience the stress and adrenaline rush that one will encounter.  The combination of realistic verbal attacks with the aggression of a real attack can be addressed with our course.  The reason we are able to offer this kind of training is because we utilize Spartan Training Gear which allows the client to really practise what they have learned, as well as be able to experience being attacked in a more realistic manner.  We can do drills in specific scenarios like the home, the car, out on the street without being limited by a lack of any protective gear.  It also allows the training environment to be a safe one which is always a priority with our courses.


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