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Can’t Make it to a Live SAFE International™ Self Defense Seminar?  Well, we are just a click away… Nothing can quite compare to a hands-on approach when it comes to personal protection. At SAFE International™ we understand that everyday life is busy and finding some extra time to commit to isn’t easy.

Fortunately in today’s world some things are now just a click away, even self defense! Learning how to avoid putting yourself in risky and harmful situations, before things turn physical, is the first step to effective self defense. A SAFE™ online consultation provides you with tips and strategies to help you navigate safely throughout your day. International™ is a mobile self defense company with instructors all over the world. We  understand that depending on where you are located, you may not have the ability to attend one of our live seminars which have been taught to more than 185,000 people since 1994.  We have recently taken steps so that you too can get the benefit of a SAFE™ self defense session, we can provide our philosophies to you… virtually.

While we can’t train with you physically, we can still offer you our strategies on situations such as “How To Get Home Safely To Your Family.”  Whether you have a couple of questions you just need answered, or you are looking for a more in-depth consultation on the many strategies that have made SAFE International™ the premier self defense choice, you are now just a click away. Find out why more than 185,000 people have chosen SAFE International™… book a virtual chat session today by contacting us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

* Who do attackers usually choose to victimize, and why? dreamstime_l_28163115-72

* Should I really trust my intuition?  What if it is wrong?

* How should I walk so I don’t look like an easy target?

* Is there a safest place to stand on an elevator?

* How should I approach my car in a parking lot or underground after work or when it is getting dark?

* I hear that giving the time or directions to someone gives an attacker an excellent opportunity to attack me.  Is that true, why?* Is being too polite a bad thing? Would an attacker take advantage of my kindness?

* Why are MP3 players such a bad thing in regards to my awareness?

* Even though I am nervous taking shortcuts, I still take them, cause what are the odds I will ever be attacked?

* I hear that just yelling BACK OFF will scare away an attacker, is that true?

* I am always uneasy and concerned when I use public transportation like buses or taxis, why is that?

* When someone rings my doorbell I feel nervous opening the door to them, but I do because I don’t want to appear rude.  Is this potentially dangerous?

* I hear that cell phones can be a good and bad safety device, but I am not sure, why is that?

* Is it easy to remember and call 911 if I am attacked?

* Is it safer to carry my purse across my shoulders, or over one?

* I always wonder if I should fight to keep my valuables and identification, is there a correct answer?

* Wouldn’t a kick to the attacker’s groin stop him quickly?

* What if I am not strong enough to defend myself against a bigger, stronger person?

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