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SAFE International™ has taught more than 200,000 women, men, and teens since 1994 in private, corporate and school settings. We are a MOBILE self defense business. SAFE International™ will teach you, your family, friends, or co-workers at your location throughout North America. This mobility makes it easy for you to offer any of our different programs!

privateWe often train/consult with women and men privately. My private clients include anyone from mothers, fathers, daughters to police officers, seniors, and people with disabilities. I quickly learned that if a technique could not be taught and learned quickly, it would never be effective or valuable to my clients. I am constantly studying and implementing new concepts when they fit my criteria of being simple, but effective. If I see or learn something that might save a life, I am interested. Our self defense concepts are taught on the basis of Gross Motor movements.

This program is designed for people who want to train privately or in a small group setting. I have taken the best techniques from different systems and designed a course for people who want to learn practical, effective techniques as quick as possible. I cover the most common street assaults as well as knife, gun and ground attacks. Students will get the opportunity to practise skills learned through controlled realistic training drills.

There will be extended instruction on pre attack psychology as well as physical combative training. Don’t forget to ask about our 1 day extended private lesson for the person who is too busy to train on an ongoing basis but want to learn the skills to protect themselves and their family. This course is perfect for the busy executive or person who may be on the road a lot and out of town. Course will include an interview so that I can design a lesson plan perfectly suited for your personal situation.

Many people ask if defending oneself is as simple as learning self defense skills. Here is a short outline of how the defense formula works and why you need to study, learn, and understand it.


Recognize – tapping into your awareness and intuition skills is the most important and quite commonly ignored skill. You already have the intuition built in and available. Many people call it their sixth sense. Women have particularly good intuition skills. Simply put, it is that gut feeling you get when something just doesn’t feel right. For example, have you ever been about to get on an elevator, and while you are getting on, you see someone who just does not give you a good vibe? Quite often you don’t even know why, it is just a deep, intense feeling.

Did you trust it and walk away? Or, did you ignore it at the risk of offending someone who you have never met and will probably never see again? A considerable part of my course addresses the daily routines we all have, including their potential risks. Recognizing potential danger is the first and most important step. Most times you can just get out of the situation and avoid an attack.

React – how you react when you are exposed to a potentially dangerous situation is critical. Do you get scared and imagine a terrible result including either verbal abuse or maybe verbal and physical abuse resulting in injuries or worse? We teach how to get the proper mindset so that you can make an intelligent decision whether it be using proper de-escalating verbal skills or how to get into proper mindset if a physical confrontation is unavoidable.

Respond – while all the steps here are connected to one another this is the step in which you either use those verbal skills or you execute your defensive arsenal in an attempt to get home safely to your family. You are able to respond in a decisive manner because you will have your own personal reasons and confidence to deal with whichever option you choose. So many people get paralyzed because, either they do not know what to do or they have never trained utilizing drills that recreate the emotional and psychological challenges of a real life attack. Once you have the proper mindset embedded in you, it becomes automatic.


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