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52956956 1938435069617817 7716838873971556352 nDid You Know... 25% of Male Realtors and 44% of Female Realtors Have Experienced a Fearful Situation on the Job!

The mobile SAFE International™ Realtor Self Protection & Strategies To Avoid Violence program taught under the direction of Rob Andress addresses all the potential threats and hazards a Realtor may face.  

Most Realtors, like most people, never consider learning violence prevention skills thinking that they will never fall victim to violence, but when it does happen most crimes against Realtors are highly violent crimes and in multiple cases have resulted in hospitalization and in some cases, loss of life!  To a criminal, a Realtor is most often an easy target.  By the nature of the Real Estate industry, Realtors are higher risk to most jobs since you are often working alone with people you do not know at isolated locations or on vacant properties. 


Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions? 


As a Realtor, why would I need this type of training?  Most crimes against Realtors are highly violent crimes and in multiple cases have resulted in hosptialization and/or loss of life! canstockphoto897258

Why would I be targeted for an attack?  Because a Realtor is often a soft target who meets what an attacker looks for... you are most often alone and isolated or on a vacant property, the attacker can set the time and day for the attack with time to plan, successful realtors are high profile who look like they may have valuables worth choosing one for an attack. 

What would an attacker want from me?  In general terms there are 3 things your attacker may want...Your Valuables, Your Body or Your Life!  Our training addresses all 3 of these and areas and the options you may have. 

Will Martial Arts Training Make a Difference?  There is a misconception that Martial Arts training is the same as Self Defense/Violence Prevention Training.  With Martial Arts you are learning an art which does not address how real violence takes place.  Our Realtor Safety program covers step by step how to recognize and avoid violence first and foremost through recognition of the most common threats a Realtor may face.  We also introduce effective Verbal De-escalation strategies designed to end the confrontation or to setup a physical response if necessary.  And lastly the physical component of our program is based on gross motor concepts and principles that can be learned in a short period of time, not years as in Martial Arts. 

canstockphoto15915020Won't having my phone with a Realtor Safety App on it protect me? Relying on gadgets can and most often gives people a false sense of security.  Before introducing any safety devices, one should understand how to use their mind and body since phones or other external devices can be dropped or taken resulting in an escalation of the potential for violence.   And most people are not aware that 911 does not always have the ability to determine your exact location.  When you consider that the average response time for police can be anywhere from 8 to 18 minutes depending where you live, calling 911 does little to prevent an attack.

How could my promotional material affect my safety? Realtors publish their photos, phone numbers and online access.  In addition, the use of other social media platforms to promote provide the criminals with very valuable personal information sometimes including their location in scenarios like an open house with the times.  This allows the criminal the ability to monitor and scope the location giving them a huge advantage in planning any type of attack.   

Where can I participate in this training?  SAFE International™is a mobile violence prevention company who travels to the client.  Give us a call or email and we would be happy to answer your questions and arrange training at your location. 


Just a few examples of violence against Realtors

Brampton Realtor beaten with baseball bat after real estate deal gone sour.

Devinder Kumar – Brampton Lured to a rental property and stabbed 23 times.

Oshawa Realtor: Punched in the face and sprayed with pepper spray after buyer doesn’t show up for appointment.

Sarnia: Realtor kidnapped and forced to take maximum amount from ATM

Toronto Realtor: Bound and Robbed  Ladysbridge Drive – Assaulted by 3 men, 1 was carrying a gun

Anna Powell Realtor – Cash buyer could only meet her late at night asked her to go in his car with him.  She refused and he began following and stalking her.

Meideth Schutter – Attacked at Open House by two men who entered the home then locked the doors.



Dear Rob,

I just want to thank you and Beth for presenting your course: "Self Protection & Strategies to Avoid Violence for Real Estate Professionals" to our members yesterday.  I have attended a few self defence courses and your course by far was the best!

As a Broker of Record, you understand the dangers which come with the real estate industry.  You were able to provide the participants with real life examples of situations where the real estate professional would have to protect themselves.  The techniques and tips you provided were fantastic.

I will highly recommend this course to my counter parts at different associations/boards as well as recommend it to Brokers of Record to offer this course in their brokerages. 

Once again, thank you for an eye opening, informative and valuable course. 

Best regards,

REALTORS Association of Hamilton-Burlington

Angela McArthur


Meet Rob Andress, Director of SAFE International™ Realtor Division

RobBioRob Andress began his real estate career in 1986, Rob lives your life and understands the high stress situations that Realtors face and enter everyday to complete their jobs while fulfilling their legal and moral obligations with their clients and customers.  With his level of professional experience in the Real Estate Industry, Rob has met and spoken with Realtors who have been attacked, sexually assaulted, physically and verbally abused.  Even one of his own employees was trapped in a basement by a sexual predator.  Rob holds rankings in Nohon Goshin Jutsu and a modern form of Jiujitsu called Nyingbulam.  In addition, Rob has participated in combative kickboxing and personally experienced violence in his personal life.  With his experience and certification in the SAFE International™ Core Curriculum, Rob brings a valuable history and straight forwardness to Realtors through the SAFE International™ Realtor Self Protection & Strategies to Avoid Violence program.  

If you have any immediate questions you can reach Rob at 613-340-8002 or via email and /or toll free as listed below. 






52908243 300378277295999 529025527168630784 nHow to Reach a SAFE Representative:

1-800-465-5972 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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