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While SAFE International™ has a full complement of violence prevention programs, we also have one more unique self defense course offering.  We call it the Rich 'N Roberts Self Defense Event.  It is my honour and privilege to have Richard Dimitri, founder of Senshido, not only work with SAFE International™, but also to bring his vast knowledge of self defense to our clients with these extensive courses we offer for those with more time or desire to expand their self defense knowledge.  First, a few words about Richard Dimitri. 

Throughout these past 20 years I have had the tremendous fortune of learning skills and philosophies from so many individuals, from all over the world, that I respect and have true admiration for. There is one person howeverRich that has had the biggest influence on how I think and how I have improved our SAFE International™ self defense courses, Richard Dimitri.

Having Richard as an contractor and member of the SAFE International™ team is beyond what I could have envisioned. For those of you who are familiar already with Richard, you know exactly what I am talking about. And for those of you just new to this site, to SAFE International™ and to Richard Dimitri, read on to see why I am so thrilled to have him on board! Richard Dimitri essentially began his career at the age of 6. You see, that’s when he took his first martial arts class and from that day on, he has always been, in some form or fashion, involved in the realm of self defense.  

From offering private and personal security, to being a bodyguard to some high profile clients around the world, and to eventually developing his very own system (Senshido), Richard Dimitri quickly became a high profile individual in his field. Senshido was Richard’s vision for reality-based self defense; teaching survival skills for real world violence by preparing you for the worst from drawing out the elemental and instinctive self defense tools innate to all of us.

In Richard’s own words, here is what he shares; “No styles, no systems, no rituals, no lineages, no masters, no labels, no belts, no katas, no uniforms, no dogmas; only the process of sharing and learning through self-actualization & personal expression of truth via functional combative philosophy, psychology, movement and fitness. The list of Richard’s accomplishments is staggering, he has worked with the British Special Forces, the Presidential Security Team of Finland, SWAT, the Mexico City chapter of the Guardian Angels, the Association for Women’s Total Advancement & Development, and the Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women (Cairo).

RichNRoberts3Rich 'N Roberts Self Defense Events

Richard and I are thrilled to be providing our Rich 'N Roberts self defense events at different locations throughout the world.  These self defense events give us the chance to dive much deeper than usual into the psychological, emotional, and physical aspects of dealing with violence while bringing our unique brand of humour to all our seminars.   Check out our events page for upcoming self defense event locations.  


Course Options

  • 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation aka "The Shredder"
  • Ground Survival Strategies
  • Knife Defense Concepts
  • Demystifying the Current Trends, Gimmicks and Myths in Self Defense Today
  • Strategies to Deal with Multiple Attackers
  • In-depth Analysis of Pre Contact Cues of Violence in Social and Asocial Setting
  • How to Build Realistic Scenarios Into Your Training
  • ... plus much more!

Learn, use and adopt innovative drills, proven concepts, tools & tactics that will add a new dimension for you and to your teaching curriculum.



I am really excited to share my highest recommendation for this seminar for anyone who wants to increase their chance of survival and escape from serious harm.

As a survivor of many instances of sexual violence and rape over a long period in my life, I have spent the last eight years developing the emotional, psychological, and physical skills from a point where I could not stand the thought of any physical confrontation to teaching women and vulnerable groups as a qualified advanced instructor. 

I have trained with some excellent industry professionals over the years, who have really transformed and empowered me, beyond what I ever thought possible. They have been systems developed with a behavioural and physical component, using natural responses and behaviours that can be adapted to people of different age and physical ability, and have served me well.

Throughout my contact with Chris Roberts over the years and with a shared passion for the safety of women and young girls, I was interested to learn his approach and experience, and learn whatever I could soak up over three days. Richard Dimitri’s “Shredder” and close quarter focus, coupled with considerable expertise, colourful and vast life experience was invaluable.   The shredder concept and mind-set destroyed the bad guy role players who gave excellent resistance, appropriate levels of force and for me the rape factor. Of key importance was the overall ethos of the seminar of situational and human awareness, the distinction between the good guy having a bad day, and the individuals who mean you harm from the outset. Personally, I really appreciated Richard’s skills and understanding of training with students with trauma and PTSD, and the insurance of a safe but challenging training environment.

Both Chris and Rich share a passion for rape prevention and their understanding of the nuances and complexities that victims/survivors navigate to keep themselves safe was second to none, and in my view went further than I have experienced on a course. They complement each other very well as a team.  The customisation, and care, research and interest into the individual needs was in my opinion exceptional. The number of attendees on the course was kept at a minimum to ensure this was possible, and for me personally got me to a level of understanding and practice that was a big leap ahead, particularly in the reality based scenarios with the Marc Joseph Spartan team that attended on day three.  The build-up over the first two days, saw everyone use their new skills exceptionally well.  I would like to thank both Chris and Richard for organising this excellent seminar, whether you attend it for your personal safety or as an instructor, I would highly recommend it. -  Annette Helberg


I recently had the privilege and honor of attending the Rich ‘N Roberts Three Day Self Defense Seminar, and could not be more eager to share my testimonial. 

Coming into the class, I was a bit apprehensive that I would be dealing with another typical hard-charging, technique oriented and style driven learning experience.  With a couple of nagging injuries and a busy family life I no longer have the time to memorize fine motor skill based techniques or stand legs shaking in a specific stance for long periods of time.  I was searching for a no nonsense approach to self defense, something extremely effective that I would be able to apply in my own life.  Boy did I find it with Chris Roberts and Richard Dimitri.  This weekend was so much more than a self defense seminar; it was a life changing event.

The seminar started with some of the basic concepts we would be learning throughout the next three days, covering in depth the 5 principles of physical retaliation, aka the “Shredder”.  The application of these principles is nothing short of absolutely devastating to your attacker.  I had the pleasure of witnessing a petite woman successfully defend herself from a male attacker twice her size attempting to force himself upon her with aggression…over and over again.  The best part of the Shredder is the fact that it does not require any memorized technique, fine motor skill under stress, or brute strength.  If you naturally blink and flinch when somebody makes any sudden moves toward you, then you are able to successfully defend yourself no matter your size, gender or age.

Chris and Rich not only covered the physical retaliation side of defending oneself, but delved very deeply into the psychological aspect of self defense as well.  Fighting isn’t just about strikes and kicks, in fact this class has taught me that human psychology plays an overwhelming role in the outcome of a violent encounter.  Once a potentially violent situation ensues, how the potential victim reacts through his/her words and body language absolutely determines whether or not the situation will turn physical.  Practicing these social DE-escalation techniques was actually more difficult for me than the physical retaliation aspect.  True self defense is 100% about self preservation. If a situation can be verbally diffused before trading punches with someone, we have an obligation to do our best to try.  Otherwise you might just be fighting, instead of attempting to defend yourself.  Day three treated us to force on force training with Marc Joseph and the crew from Spartan Training Gear.  These guys were top notch as well and provided us an opportunity to really put the lessons we had learned to the test in true to life, customized scenarios.

The past three days have opened my eyes to the world of real violence.  No labels, styles or brands were attached here; only true, raw and unadulterated self defense.  Everything I have learned about defending myself throughout my entire life pales in comparison to the knowledge and self awareness I learned from these two guys in three days.  The wealth of knowledge and experience Chris and Rich possess is incredible, the presentation is humorous and the results are real.

In closing, I have gained great confidence from the physical concepts that I have been taught, and through the verbal diffusion techniques I have acquired have also learned unbelievable humility and a newfound respect for my fellow man.  I highly recommend seeking out Chris and Rich and attending one of their classes if you are in search of a self defense regime that really works.

Ryan Markley


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