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Anti-Rape Underwear Good or Bad Idea?

Anti-Rape Underwear Good or Bad Idea?
One of my friends posted a video today that has garnered a lot of attention, both positive and negative, and it interested me enough to blog about it.  I have taught self defense for the past 21 years and have seen many new products come and go, but these Anti-Rape Underwear are one that, to say the least, are controversial.  Now being a man, I thought it would be of great value to co-blog this time with Piroska Bata.  I also feel it necessary to say that one of the reasons I have asked a woman to also comment  is because obviously I can’t speak from the position of being female so I felt it important to get another view which is why I have asked Piroska for her opinion.  And by the way, neither one of us was aware ...
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