Chris Roberts

What Disrespect Have You Seen At Self Defense Seminars?

Over the past 25 years I have attended many self defense seminars, and I have taught countless seminars.  I have heard stories where the instructor has been disrespectful to students, and I have heard stories where the students have been disrespectful.  That disrespect may come in the form of communication, or it may come in the form of "challenging" the students or the teacher.  I would be curious to hear what others have experienced. Which is more disrespectful? I would say that a teacher being disrespectful is worse since they are supposed to be the coach or leader at a seminar and in control of their emotions, but I have heard of times where the teacher needed to meet the challenge otherwise they may gotten hurt. One sto...
Chris Roberts

Real Estate Agent Safety Story

SAFE_RealEstate_Defense_FIn light of the recent tragic story involving the murder of a real estate agent in Arkansas, I thought I might share a story I heard many years ago.  To read more on that story, you can click on the link at the bottom of the page.  Click on pic to read topics SAFE International covers. One of the topics I teach at every seminar is, "The Good and Bad of Cell Phones".  While everyone can benefit from this discussion, those in real estate may have some unique reasons to discuss it.  I recall with some memory the story of a real estate agent who was conducting an open house. Now many in real estate tell me it is policy to have 2 agents on hand for open houses. The reality is that one may pop out to get coffee, or go home early if things are sl...
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