Chris Roberts

When a Knife Attack is Unstoppable

In light of our upcoming Rich 'N Roberts knife defense workshop in Toronto, ON on July 14 & 15 (INFO HERE) I wanted to offer up a video on one of the most important topics we cover during our Knife Defense Workshops.  In our ongoing campaign to be completely honest in regards to knife defense "techniques" that do and do not work, Richard Dimitri and yours truly show the range at which point knife defense is virtually impossible!  Well virtually impossible if left to chance, luck, the planets being aligned.  FIrst, check out the video and I will offer some additional thoughts.   In this video, albeit a demo which makes a real attack much more difficult to defend against, we show how the hand is quicker than the e...
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Chris Roberts

2 Day Rich 'N Roberts Knife Defence Workshop

Knife Toronto2 Day Knife Defence Workshop - July 14 & 15 in Toronto, ON with Richard Dimitri and Chris Roberts aka Rich 'N Roberts! Here are just some of the details...and check out our latest very serious promotion by clicking here...https://youtu.be/p6_5BK-w_UA The cheapest, easiest to acquire and most common weapon used in violence is the knife and other forms of edged weapons. More dangerous than and twice as treacherous as a gun at close range, the knife is by far one of the deadliest tools used in violent confrontations and can be found in every single kitchen household. This 2 Day Workshop will extensively cover the psychology behind an edged attack, the recognition of behavioural patterns, body language, how to evade and escape as well as do...
Chris Roberts

The "Reality of Knife Attacks" Video Contest

I am pleased to announce a contest from SAFE International and Richard Dimtri!  A few years ago when I posted this video titled, "Reality of Knife Attacks", I knew the quality of the video wasn't perfect, but I am a believer that most people have no problem sacrificing a bit of production quality if the content of the video is excellent.  As usual, Richard has offered up in this short clip some thoughts that have gone viral.  We are presently at 997,543 views with 1429 comments, and likes compared to dislikes at 4893 to 155!  What does that tell me?  It tells me that people have really embraced his honesty and quality in teaching the topic of knife defense.  In a goal to get this video to 1,000,000 views, we wo...
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