Chris Roberts

Do I Really Need to Learn Self Defense?

1084300565Self defenseMany people will ask me, "Do I really need to learn self defense?"  That is an individual decision each person has to make, but I can tell you that in Canada, like many countries most people do not take the personal safety seriously.  Or many offer many excuses why the do not feel they need to learn self defense.  In this infographic are many of the excuses we hear to not learn self defense.  Check it out and I will add more thoughts after it... Now, let's go through each of the excuses mentioned in the self defense infographic... 1)  Too Expensive?  According to the website www.fool.com the average American household spent $3008 on restaurants and takeout!  Did you know that with SAFE Internati...
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Chris Roberts

Need Battle Scars? Read This!

Let's face it; going through life without any scars to show or really cool stories to tell is kind of embarrassing. You know the situations I'm talking about, you and your buddies are sitting around and one guy shows where he got bitten by a shark and so the next guy has to top that scar by showing where he got cut in a bar over some girl. Meanwhile, as the scars get bigger and the tales grow taller you're left sitting there with nothing but a faded scraped knee from when you were 5 and an appendectomy scar. It is not only embarrassing it is kind of demoralizing to be the odd man out. Thankfully, as our world has grown progressively more dangerous it is easier than ever to become part of the 'in crowd' and gain your own set of scars and fre...
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