Chris Roberts

Number 1 Reason Bullying Programs Fail!

bully1Bullying Prevention, Anti-Bullying, or Stop Bullying! Whatever you call it, there are programs everywhere online and in the media these days! However, it seems to be getting worse rather than better. Why?   What is the Number 1 Reason Bullying Programs Fail in the opinion of SAFE International Founder, Chris Roberts?    NUMBER 1 Reason: They have no lasting effect! The majority of Anti-Bullying programs I see or hear about are on the news, and virtually 100% of the time, they involve a celebrity or athlete.  Now, that is not bad in itself, but in the news feature, typically, we see the students yelling some anti-bullying slogan. They may even get a pin or t-shirt with that anti-bullying slogan on it. Then they all leave...
Chris Roberts

Top 6 Critical SAFE 101 Rules When a Stranger is at Your Door

Security Chain on Door SeniorDuring our SAFE 101 Violence Prevention courses, one of the most widely discussed topics is, "What do I do if a stranger is at the door?". Well, I thought it valuable to share my Top 6 Critical SAFE 101 Rules to Remember When a Stranger is at Your Door.  I have never been a victim to a home invasion, but those I have taught who have experienced it have told me it is one of the most harrowing experiences one can face. So while the odds of it happening may be slim, we are always best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. 1) Are You Expecting Them? - If you are not expecting them, you should automatically raise your level of awareness, not paranoia, but recognition taking into consideration you have no way of knowing why they might ...
Chris Roberts

7 SAFEty Tips That Cost Absolutely Nothing

canstockphoto30907894I want to offer up 7 SAFEty Tips that SAFE International teaches that cost absolutely nothing, but could save you or your loved ones from harm or much worse! Okay, here we go! 1) Trust Your Intuition - nevermind all the different safety gadgets available on the market when you have the most valuable safety device built right in! Every single person we have ever taught has experienced a moment when they feel like something is wrong, but they do not know what! Take as an example, getting on an elevator. The doors open up, you see someone on the elevator, and you immediately feel uncomfortable, but you get on anyways. The doors then open up, you walk away without incident, and you chalk it up to paranoia. Far too often people dismiss it as par...
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