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Affordable Home Safety Tips That Work

Protect Your Home From BurglaryI was contacted by a gentleman who found our SAFE International blog to be valuable.  In our discussions we began to speak about Affordable Home Safety Tips That Work.  He was kind enough to send the following information and infographic which I found both interesting and educational which is why I am sharing it with our blog readers.  Our home is supposed to be our safe haven, but sadly it is often the location of violence through break-ins or home invasions for many.   Affordable Home Safety Tips That Work A home is a place of security. People feel safe in their homes. It’s a place where we raise our families, relax, sleep, and enjoy what life has offered us. That being said, not all homes are equally safe. Some homes...
Chris Roberts

Top 5 Safety Risks of Clothing & Accessories

Top 5 Safety Risks of Clothing & Accessories
I recently posted about the potential safety risks of wearing a hoodie which I will include here, but often when teaching self defense I hear stories where one's clothing or accessories have come into play during an assault.  Most people will not fall victim to violence, which is why very few ever consider how their clothing, jewelry, or footwear might be a safety risk.  Let's look at some of them and how they may work against you in the event of an assault.   Footwear Things to consider here are the obvious ones like high heels and how they can limit your ability run and escape a potential violent confrontation.  In fact, one of the factors that may go into being chosen for an assault is that you are wearing something t...
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