Chris Roberts

Top 6 Critical SAFE 101 Rules When a Stranger is at Your Door

Security Chain on Door SeniorDuring our SAFE 101 Violence Prevention courses, one of the most widely discussed topics is, "What do I do if a stranger is at the door?". Well, I thought it valuable to share my Top 6 Critical SAFE 101 Rules to Remember When a Stranger is at Your Door.  I have never been a victim to a home invasion, but those I have taught who have experienced it have told me it is one of the most harrowing experiences one can face. So while the odds of it happening may be slim, we are always best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. 1) Are You Expecting Them? - If you are not expecting them, you should automatically raise your level of awareness, not paranoia, but recognition taking into consideration you have no way of knowing why they might ...
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