Chris Roberts

Axe Attack In Sydney Australia

I was just made aware of this video out of Sydney, Australia of an axe attack by a woman who enters this convenience store dressed in a pair of shorts, running shoes, and sleeveless shirt casually carrying an axe in one hand.  I really find the videos posted and analyzed by Active Self Protection to be useful so I thought I would share their video of the attack with their comments while adding some additional thoughts that I have.  This is not to say the great folks at Active Self Protection agree with anything I am saying, but thought might be valuable to hear their advice as well as mine.  It is easy to play armchair quarterback and think one knows what they would do, but when one is in the situation, completely different f...
Chris Roberts

Woman Punched in Face by Stranger

Woman Punched in Face by Stranger
I recently came across this story on torontosun.com and thought important to share with the readers of this blog.  It demonstrates how quickly violence can happen with little warning, but almost always with some warning.  I urge everyone to read the details and then ask themselves how they might handle a scenario like this.  I will offer some thoughts at the end of the article.  So please go to this link, then comeback here to read my thoughts.  http://www.torontosun.com/2016/12/12/woman-assaulted-at-her-building First of all I feel terrible for this poor woman who was just being a good resident showing concern for the safety of anyone who might have been in the building or in the neighbourhood.  I do not know ...
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