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7 SAFEty Tips That Cost Absolutely Nothing

canstockphoto30907894I want to offer up 7 SAFEty Tips that SAFE International teaches that cost absolutely nothing, but could save you or your loved ones from harm or much worse! Okay, here we go! 1) Trust Your Intuition - nevermind all the different safety gadgets available on the market when you have the most valuable safety device built right in! Every single person we have ever taught has experienced a moment when they feel like something is wrong, but they do not know what! Take as an example, getting on an elevator. The doors open up, you see someone on the elevator, and you immediately feel uncomfortable, but you get on anyways. The doors then open up, you walk away without incident, and you chalk it up to paranoia. Far too often people dismiss it as par...
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Chris Roberts

Toronto High School Principal Endorses SAFE International

Recently we had a story arise where the skills that we taught at a school had to unfortunately be used.  I say unfortunately because I have always measured "success" in self defense by the less stories we hear, the more times violence was avoided.  But because nothing has "happened", it is hard to measure.  But occasionally we do hear from students where the material SAFE Internationalâ„¢ has taught them has helped ensure they got home safely to their family.  This has driven our passion to keep spreading our teachings over the past 23 years.  Richard Dimitri was recently teaching at a school in the Toronto District School Board where a young girl had just finished attending just 3 of the self defense classes.  S...
Chris Roberts

The Variables of Safety on an Elevator

The Variables of Safety on an Elevator
As part of the SAFE International self defense curriculum we address the topic of safety elevators.  The question of whether to stand or not stand in front of the buttons always gets discussed with people having pretty strong opinions on both and why they think one is safer than the other.  Well, as always, both are possible alternatives, but the reasons behind each one are quite different so one needs to not only look at the structure of an elevator to determine which is better for them, but also look more at their mindset and how prepared they are mentally and physically to react in the event of a possible confrontation or attack.  But first let's analyze what happens before you get on an elevator because rarely does violen...
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