Chris Roberts

When a Knife Attack is Unstoppable

In light of our upcoming Rich 'N Roberts knife defense workshop in Toronto, ON on July 14 & 15 (INFO HERE) I wanted to offer up a video on one of the most important topics we cover during our Knife Defense Workshops.  In our ongoing campaign to be completely honest in regards to knife defense "techniques" that do and do not work, Richard Dimitri and yours truly show the range at which point knife defense is virtually impossible!  Well virtually impossible if left to chance, luck, the planets being aligned.  FIrst, check out the video and I will offer some additional thoughts.   In this video, albeit a demo which makes a real attack much more difficult to defend against, we show how the hand is quicker than the e...
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Chris Roberts

Axe Attack In Sydney Australia

I was just made aware of this video out of Sydney, Australia of an axe attack by a woman who enters this convenience store dressed in a pair of shorts, running shoes, and sleeveless shirt casually carrying an axe in one hand.  I really find the videos posted and analyzed by Active Self Protection to be useful so I thought I would share their video of the attack with their comments while adding some additional thoughts that I have.  This is not to say the great folks at Active Self Protection agree with anything I am saying, but thought might be valuable to hear their advice as well as mine.  It is easy to play armchair quarterback and think one knows what they would do, but when one is in the situation, completely different f...
Chris Roberts

Why Participate in a Rich'n Roberts Self Defense Show?

Why Participate in a Rich'n Roberts Self Defense Show?
With upcoming dates booked for us to teach in Birmingham and Edinburgh, UK in 2017 I asked Richard Dimitri to offer his thoughts on why someone might consider participating in a Rich'n Roberts Self Defense Show.  Here is what Richard had to say: Why participate in a Rich n’ Roberts show? It doesn’t matter who you are, what your experience is or what walk of life you come from, the Rich n’ Roberts self defense show is unique and is designed for you. With over 50 years combined of experience and research, Chris and Rich offer what is arguably the most complete, detailed and effective personal protection workshop ever put together. Not based on any style or system as self defense is first and foremost a legal term and not a fighting me...
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