Chris Roberts

The Use of Violence & Its Consequences

I want to share one of the most important videos I have seen in regards to The Use of Violence and Its Consequences when not used for self-defence, but rather to fight. Often it is easy to tell people what these consequences may be, but when you hear them from someone who is living with those decisions made, it gives you a completely different outlook. And most people think it affects only the victim and their attacker, but in reality, it affects everyone in their lives. It changes and often destroys the lives of their families, friends, and other loved ones. This video features a gentleman by the name of Ahmad Bajouri.  To read about his case you can follow this link... Supreme Court of New South Wales - Court of Criminal Appeal ...
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Chris Roberts

Self-Defence in Sydney Australia

SAFE ChangingLivesLogo AusIn any profession or industry, there are those who immediately come to mind and others who are mainstream and then those who fly under the radar whether on purpose or not caring for the fame that many might seek. Well, the self-defence industry is no different. Well, one of those guys lives near Sydney, Australia. His name is Jeff Phillips, and he is a Violence Prevention/Self Defence instructor hailing from the Penrith, NSW area. Jeff is also the Managing Director of SAFE Internationalâ„¢ for the Sydney area. I met Jeff online on Facebook around or about 2013. We began chatting on the topic of self-defence, and it quickly became evident to me that Jeff was one who was, like myself, looking to make those he teaches a little safer, plain and s...
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Chris Roberts

SAFE International Interviews 'Violence'

SAFE Satirical1For this SAFE International blog we have a very special guest.  I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview someone who affects the lives of every single person on earth.  I am not aware of such an interview ever having been granted so I am very humbled to have this opportunity.  This is a transcript and abbreviated version of my interview with this special guest.  We hope you will gain some insights, tips, and appreciation for what our guest has to say and who he or she is!  If you enjoy this interview let us know as we may be able to schedule a live interview in the future.  Enjoy! Chris:  I am thrilled today to have this amazing opportunity to interview someone who is respected by so...
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