Chris Roberts

SAFE International Interviews 'Violence'

SAFE Satirical1For this SAFE International blog we have a very special guest.  I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview someone who affects the lives of every single person on earth.  I am not aware of such an interview ever having been granted so I am very humbled to have this opportunity.  This is a transcript and abbreviated version of my interview with this special guest.  We hope you will gain some insights, tips, and appreciation for what our guest has to say and who he or she is!  If you enjoy this interview let us know as we may be able to schedule a live interview in the future.  Enjoy! Chris:  I am thrilled today to have this amazing opportunity to interview someone who is respected by so...
Chris Roberts

Axe Attack In Sydney Australia

I was just made aware of this video out of Sydney, Australia of an axe attack by a woman who enters this convenience store dressed in a pair of shorts, running shoes, and sleeveless shirt casually carrying an axe in one hand.  I really find the videos posted and analyzed by Active Self Protection to be useful so I thought I would share their video of the attack with their comments while adding some additional thoughts that I have.  This is not to say the great folks at Active Self Protection agree with anything I am saying, but thought might be valuable to hear their advice as well as mine.  It is easy to play armchair quarterback and think one knows what they would do, but when one is in the situation, completely different f...
Chris Roberts

Signs of Manipulation and Control in Relationships

Signs of Manipulation and Control in Relationships
Signs Of Manipulation And Control In Relationships SAFE International specializes in teaching self defense to high school age students.  This is an age when many teens are just beginning to learn about relationships.  Sadly, one of the topics I have had to address at times is how one may manipulate or control the other person in the relationship.  This topic can be addressed from the point of either gender, but since we primarily teach young women, I will speak from their perspective because I have heard hundreds of stories from young women on how their boyfriends were possessive or controlling, leaving many with little self-esteem or confidence, if and when their relationship ended. One of the statistics that is often q...
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