Chris Roberts

Self Defense Teacher Certification Testimonial

SAFE ChangingLivesLogo CorpSAFE International™ has taught more than 200,000 students since 1994 and part of our teachings is the "Self Defense Teacher Certification" which allows school teachers to become certified in our material so they can bring it to their students on an on-going basis.  We had the pleasure of certifying a group of teachers in Pennsylvania, USA and here is the feedback we received.  Great feedback is always appreciated, but what I find of most interesting are the comments from the students and how they now look at self-defense.  What these comments tell me, is that these teachers did an excellent job of getting the SAFE International™ message of self-defense across to the students in an honest, effective and memorable manner! ...
Chris Roberts

Here's why a Self Defense Instructor Certification from SAFE International™ Might be Right for you!

Here's why a Self Defense Instructor Certification from SAFE International™ Might be Right for you!
There are way too many business opportunities in the world. Just pick up any newspaper or do a quick search online and you will see hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands, of offers to help you set up your own foolproof business, replace your current income or escape the rat race in just a few hours a week. If that is the kind of business you are looking for, please stop reading right here. We have nothing to offer that you will be interested in. However, if you are looking for a business that will allow you to make a very comfortable living, doing personally fulfilling work and make the world a little safer for the people most at risk, then keep reading, because you are in the right place. Teaching self-defense as a career is one of the mo...
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Chris Roberts

Self Defense Certification Helps Make Communities Safer

The SAFE International Self Defense Certification is designed to bring practical self defense to communities across the globe!  Want to bring SAFE International to the residents of your city with our high school self defense course, women's self defense parties, corporate courses, or to private individuals?  Click on the following link to read more on the latest SAFE International press release:  http://straightlinepr.blogspot.ca/2016/04/safe-international-offers-self-defense.html OR go directly to our Self Defense Certification page by clicking on the following link:  http://www.safeinternational.biz/self-defense-instructor-certification.html Thanks & Keep SAFE! Chris Roberts
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