Chris Roberts

Self Defense Teacher Certification Testimonial

SAFE ChangingLivesLogo CorpSAFE International™ has taught more than 200,000 students since 1994 and part of our teachings is the "Self Defense Teacher Certification" which allows school teachers to become certified in our material so they can bring it to their students on an on-going basis.  We had the pleasure of certifying a group of teachers in Pennsylvania, USA and here is the feedback we received.  Great feedback is always appreciated, but what I find of most interesting are the comments from the students and how they now look at self-defense.  What these comments tell me, is that these teachers did an excellent job of getting the SAFE International™ message of self-defense across to the students in an honest, effective and memorable manner! ...
Chris Roberts

My Top 7 Self Defense Frustrations

idiotI thought it might be fun to vent on what my Top 7 Self Defense Frustrations are in regards to self defense.  As usual, this is my opinion so I might be out to lunch, but all I have is my opinion so there,  I stand by these :0).  Please feel free to agree, disagree, or offer some of your thoughts. These are my Top 7 in no particular order:  1)  Instructors Who Skip The Pre-Physical Phase of Self Defense - real self defense is about avoiding violence all together, escaping before the violence begins, or verbally defusing to avoid violence, but so many jump immediately to the physical side of self defense which is often the last step.  Do people not know how to teach it, do they not think it is important enough, ...
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Chris Roberts

Verbal Skills - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Today, Steven O'Connor, SAFE International Certified Partner in Melbourne, Australia is offering his thoughts on Verbal Skills in self defense which is one of the most lacking topics in my opinion with the majority of instructors focusing on the physical side of self defense.  Please check it out and send us any questions you may have.  Take it away Steven...... In this blog I thought I would address VERBAL SKILLS, what do they mean exactly? We hear all the time terms like VERBAL DE-ESCALATION and VERBAL DEFUSION. But what do they really mean and how do we use this skill to our advantage? We hear all the time on TV/ YOUTUBE clips, words like CALM DOWN and BACK OFF but is this really a good verbal tactic? Let’s take a step back and...
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