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Should Self Defense be Considered a Life Skill

Should Self Defense be Considered a Life Skill
The few times I have expressed that sexual assault is an epidemic, boy, do I get challenged.  When I offer statistics on sexual assault, I get labeled a fear mongerer and get challenged on the reliability of statistics. My experience over the past 22 years of teaching self defense is that regardless of any statistics, the occurrences of sexual assault have become very widespread and that the issue of sexual assault is REAL!  Some will say that social media blows the issue of sexual assault out of proportion and that it is no worse than years ago! Does it really matter if there are more sexual assaults or not, there are STILL sexual assaults! One of the biggest challenges, we in the self defense business face, is the prevalent att...
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Chris Roberts

My Self Defense Thought of the Day

thoughtofthedayJan2105Here is my Self Defense "Thought of the Day" for better or worse!  Please CLICK on the image to enlarge.  I welcome your thoughts and comments. Thanks and Keep SAFE! Chris Roberts
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Chris Roberts

If You Only Had One Question To Ask

One of the most commonly neglected areas in self defense is the topic of verbal de-escalation, but one that is critical in a self defense course.  As I always say, the goal should be to first and foremost avoid violence.  If that is not possible, often the next step is to use verbal strategies to avoid violence, then lastly are the physical concepts.  In self defense it is most common to see people teaching their students to yell "Back Off" or something similar.  Now don't get me wrong, that can work in a particular scenario when there are people nearby and the attacker does not want attention drawn to them, but it can often escalate the violence in another scenario such as being isolated in a sexual assault scenario. &n...
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