Chris Roberts

Toronto High School Principal Endorses SAFE International

Recently we had a story arise where the skills that we taught at a school had to unfortunately be used.  I say unfortunately because I have always measured "success" in self defense by the less stories we hear, the more times violence was avoided.  But because nothing has "happened", it is hard to measure.  But occasionally we do hear from students where the material SAFE Internationalâ„¢ has taught them has helped ensure they got home safely to their family.  This has driven our passion to keep spreading our teachings over the past 23 years.  Richard Dimitri was recently teaching at a school in the Toronto District School Board where a young girl had just finished attending just 3 of the self defense classes.  S...
Chris Roberts

Buying Online Self Defense Certifications

Maybe I am imagining it, but there appears to be more and more online self defense certifications than there were just a few years ago. I am a self defense instructor and I do operate a self defense business. I am in the business of making people safer and in making a profit. I have purposely made our programs affordable for the average person, and in some cases free, for those who may need it, but can' afford it. But where I draw the line is making a profit first and foremost before the responsibility that self defense companies have in my opinion. I get many calls and emails about what it would take to become a certified self defense instructor with SAFE International and quite frankly the majority of my conversations do not go much furth...
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