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Which Top 3 Self Defense Skills Are Most Important

Which Top 3 Self Defense Skills Are Most Important
I recently posted this question on Facebook and it received quite a bit of attention so thought I would blog about and include my answers. If you had to pick just 3 of these attributes/skills, which 3 would you choose as your Top 3 in importance, assuming I mean in a self defense context.  Please offer explanations on why or which you ones you struggled with putting before others.  There is no right or wrong answer and because I have only put a short title to each, many might interpret them differently than someone else.   1) Power 2) Speed 3) Verbal  4) Mindset 5) Ability to Take Punishment 6) 360 Degree Awareness 7) Control of Emotions 8) Agressiveness 9) Adaptability My NUMBER 1 in order of importance to me is: ...
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