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Home Invasions Don’t be Another Statistic

canstockphoto46756957In this SAFE International blog I have invited guest author Hannah Moses to write about "Home Invasions Don't be Another Statistic".  This is a topic that we at SAFE International teach when we conduct our Family Self Defense courses.   Please check out the following article from Hannah and their infographic at the end along with a few additional thoughts I have.  Home Invastions Don't be Another Statistic While home invasions cannot be fully prevented, there are a few tips and tricks that you can deter it from happening. The preventative actions below will assist in slowing down burglars from entering or make their decision to do so, hardened. First, there is a difference between home invasion and burglary. If you are i...
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Chris Roberts

Do Not Fear The Stranger so Much in Self Defense

When we conduct our self defense seminars whether that be in high schools, privately, corporately or to a group of women, it is common for many questions to come up in regards to being attacked by the stranger lurking in an alley, on a path, or on the side of the road if your car breaks down when in fact people should look much closer to home, and most times in their own home.  Of course there are attacks committed by strangers, but the vast amount of time the attack will take place by someone known to the victim whether that be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or acquaintance.  The statistics do vary, but regardless of where I have found them, they all seem to agree that you are more likely to be attacked by someone known.&...
Chris Roberts

The Variables of Safety on an Elevator

The Variables of Safety on an Elevator
As part of the SAFE International self defense curriculum we address the topic of safety elevators.  The question of whether to stand or not stand in front of the buttons always gets discussed with people having pretty strong opinions on both and why they think one is safer than the other.  Well, as always, both are possible alternatives, but the reasons behind each one are quite different so one needs to not only look at the structure of an elevator to determine which is better for them, but also look more at their mindset and how prepared they are mentally and physically to react in the event of a possible confrontation or attack.  But first let's analyze what happens before you get on an elevator because rarely does violen...
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