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Do Not Count on Help in Self Defense

ISS 5452 032631Over the past 23 years I have had the privilege of hearing thousands of women share their stories, sometimes very personal ones of incidents where they have felt uncomfortable, experienced aggressive behaviour, or violence.  Often when we break down the stories, many will ask why no one who may have been present has helped them.  Well answering that could take hours and hours, but I will offer a few  reasons I have heard and shared over the years.  Fear and Lack of Knowlege -  first and foremost most people are just afraid to help not wanting to risk hurting themselves.  It is much easier for most people to just exit the situation if they do not know what to do.  They may justify to themselves at the time ...
Chris Roberts

Why Participate in a Rich'n Roberts Self Defense Show?

Why Participate in a Rich'n Roberts Self Defense Show?
With upcoming dates booked for us to teach in Birmingham and Edinburgh, UK in 2017 I asked Richard Dimitri to offer his thoughts on why someone might consider participating in a Rich'n Roberts Self Defense Show.  Here is what Richard had to say: Why participate in a Rich n’ Roberts show? It doesn’t matter who you are, what your experience is or what walk of life you come from, the Rich n’ Roberts self defense show is unique and is designed for you. With over 50 years combined of experience and research, Chris and Rich offer what is arguably the most complete, detailed and effective personal protection workshop ever put together. Not based on any style or system as self defense is first and foremost a legal term and not a fighting me...
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