Chris Roberts

Stupid Things SOME Self Defense Guys Say

stupid4Our SAFE International segment on how to increase one's chances of being attacked with our "Simple, but Stupid Tips of the Day" lead me a while back to come up with pics that include some "Stupid Things Some Self Defense Guys Say".  This one was the pic that got the most attention. I have actually heard versions of this or this exact wording.  Please comment on our website if you have heard similar statements made by self defense instructors.  Click on the following pic to make it bigger. Keep SAFE! Chris Roberts SAFE International
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Chris Roberts

Want To Increase Your Chances Of Unsuccessfully Defending Yourself?

Stupid TipsClick on the image for full size! Here is the latest instalment of "How To Increase Your Chances of Being Attacked", but with a twist.  Now we show you how to "Increase The Chances Of Unsuccessfully Defending Yourself!"  by following these Stupid, but Simple Tips of the Day!  For more information, please stay on our site at www.safeinternational.biz  
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