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Sexual Assault Statistics In Canada

ING 39524 03192As SAFE Internationalâ„¢ Self Defense begins a new school year of teaching self defense to 1000s of teens, I thought it would be valuable to revisit the Sexual Assault Statistics in Canada.  These statistics come directly from the site SexualAssault.ca and mirror the statistics I have found in many studies.  While many will argue that statistics can never be 100% accurate, they can give us a general idea how serious and issue sexual assault always has, and always will be.   We at SAFE Internationalâ„¢ have been teaching self defense for 23 years and an observation I have noticed is that many self defense instructors avoid discussing with our youth the fact that the vast majority of the time, the perpetrator of sexual assault wil...
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Chris Roberts

SAFE International Self Defense Blog Drill Analysis

SAFE International Self Defense Blog Drill Analysis
SAFE International Self Defense Blog Drill Analysis I recently posted a video of one of our self defense ground drills that we teach to high school students or anytime we are covering how to defend against an attack on the ground. It received a lot of positive attention so I thought I would break it down in more detail in order to explain what is happening and what we are hoping to see and feel from those participating in the drills.  Before we even get to this drill we discuss the importance of avoiding the ground if possible since there are so many disadvantages to being on the ground, with just a few of those disadvantages being that you may be on a surface that is not ground friendly like the mats we train on.  You could be on...
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