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Corporate Self Defense Classes

Corporate Self Defense Classes Toronto

Workplace violence is the number one security issue facing major U.S. and Canadian corporations. Workplace violence costs U.S. employers an estimated $36 billion annually. SAFE Internationalâ„¢ provides Self Defense Personal Safety instruction and seminars throughout both Canada and the United States.

High School Self Defense Classes

High School Self Defense Classes Toronto

SAFE Internationalâ„¢ believes that Personal Safety Education is a life skill that all high school students should receive.  We believe this instruction helps to develop and ensure that these students transition into our communities and workplaces as more confident and responsible individuals. If you think your students can benefit from this type of education, you have come to the right place! SAFE Internationalâ„¢ has taught more than 200,000 students since 1994! 

Self Defense Certification Designed to Make Communities Safer

SAFE International Self Defense has designed a self defense certification program for those who want to make their communities safer.  For more information on how you can make a difference in your local high schools, corporations, women's groups, check out this new press release by clicking on the following link: 

or you can go directly to our self defense certification page by clicking on the following link:


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Women's Self Defense Classes

Women's Self Defense Classes - Toronto & Ottawa

We at SAFE International™ realize that women have very different concerns, fears, and needs than males in regards to personal safety. They experience many different issues on an everyday basis, from stares and comments to physical gestures and advances, so teaching a generic self defense course would not be optimal. We listened to these concerns and tailored a course that is not only educational, but also practical and memorable. 

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