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Self Defense is “True” Life Insurance

Did you know that in North America 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime? 

But where do most people put their priority? Most people will make safety a priority when it comes to learning lifeskills like how to drive or to swim. And most will insure their “things” like their homes, their cars, or their possessions, but arguably, few take the time to insure what matters most, “their lives while they are living”.  I am not suggesting that each of these things is not important, but it seems to me that living a life where you can increase the chances of living violent free by learning self-defense would be just as important!  Many also commonly adopt traits like apathy and denial believing they will never fall victim to violence, but if it does happen they freeze thinking, "I can't believe this is happening to me", leaving that hesitation on how to handle it.   If you ask me, Self Defense is “True” Life Insurance! So first off, thank you for obviously recognizing this since you are here checking out our website.

SAFE Promo WSD 1Well, the good news is SAFE International™ are the experts in the area of self-defense, violence prevention and personal protection, having taught more than 200,000 women since 1994! We can help bring you Peace of Mind in a relatively short number of hours, not weeks or years.  So whether you are looking for lessons for yourself, your family, or your friends, we have some solutions. At first, many are intimidated by the thoughts of learning self defense for a number of reasons including a few misconceptions such as, “It takes years to learn self defense”, “You have to be in excellent physical shape to participate in self defense”, “You have to join a martial arts club to learn self defense”, or “Self defense is about learning how to fight!”.   All of these are misconceptions that are just not accurate or true.  Let’s look at a couple of them;

“It takes years to learn self-defense” -  now I would be lying if I did not admit that, like anything, the more time you can put into it, the better you become, but one of the unique aspects of SAFE International™ is that our programs have been designed for the on-the-go businesswoman or busy stay-at-home mom” taking into  consideration the fact that most people, if they take any kind of self-defense course will most likely only take one course EVER in their lifetime.  Knowing this fact, we have designed a program that gives you the tools to address violence prevention from the earliest stages of recognizing it to avoid, or how to deal with it through practical, effective and memorable verbal and physical concepts and principles all tailored to your lifestyle and the areas you are most likely to encounter conflict or confrontation. 

“You have to be in excellent physical shape to learn self-defense” -  Sure, being in excellent physical shape may help one in regards to physical self-defense, but more important than any physical abilities are one's mental abilities or mindset in regards to violence prevention.  See one may be in amazing physical shape but of much more importance is knowing who and what you are defending yourself for, having the reasons to defend yourself are critical and we can help you establish those reasons first and foremost.   Without an effective mindset, the physical abilities are limited.  Your mind guides your body, so we start with the mind.

“Self Defense is about learning how to fight!”– Any self-defense program that begins with the physical side of self-defense is in my opinion, “negligent”.  Pure and Applied, or true self-defense begins with learning how to recognize and avoid violence before all else.  If that fails, one needs to understand and learn other strategies mentioned further down to deal with the potential violence.  Lastly, we address how to physically defend oneself if all other avenues of avoidance have been exhausted.  Self-defense is not about learning how to fight, but rather how to avoid a fight through all means possible. 

“You have to join a martial arts club to learn self-defense” – Great news, no you don’t! SAFE International™ is a mobile self-defense business that teaches in schools, people’s homes, corporate offices, even outdoors when the weather is nice.  And if you don’t have a location, we have many contacts throughout the province where we may be able to arrange the training. One of the topics we discuss is how martial arts is not self-defense.  Martial Arts are as the name says, “An Art”.  There is no art in violence which we discuss in detail because if one brings the tools they have learned in any of the martial arts to the arena of violence, they will not be prepared.   

How You Will Benefit From A SAFE™ Self Defense Course 

  • By learning Awareness & Avoidance Strategies to help you “Get Home Safely To Your Family.”3DWomen
  • By learning how to use Intelligent Verbal Diffusion Strategies to avoid confrontation.
  • By learning Easy-To-Use Self Defense Concepts.
  • By learning how to handle Common Attack Scenarios.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Any Of The Following Questions? Well, You’re Not Alone, We Can Help!

  • Who do attackers usually choose to victimize, and why?
  • How should I approach my car in a parking lot or underground?
  • Should I really trust my intuition?  What if it is wrong?
  • How should I walk so I don’t look like an easy target?
  • Is there a safest place to stand on an elevator?
  • Is being too polite a bad thing? Would an attacker take advantage of my kindness?
  • Even though I am nervous taking shortcuts, I still take them. After all, what are the odds I will ever be attacked?
  • I am always uneasy and concerned when I use public transportation like buses, the subway, and taxis. Why is that?
  • When someone rings my doorbell, I feel nervous opening the door to them, but I do because I don’t want to appear rude. Is this potentially dangerous?
  • I hear that cell phones can be a good and bad safety device, but I am not sure which. Why is that?
  • Is it safer to carry my purse across my body or over one shoulder?
  • I always wonder if I should fight to keep my valuables and identification. Is there a correct answer?
  • Wouldn’t a kick to the attacker’s groin stop him quickly?
  • What if I am not strong enough to defend myself against a bigger, stronger person? 

Book A SAFE International™ Self Defense Party!

This Is Not Your Mother's Tupperware Party!

SDParty2Invite a group of your friends and family for a few hours of fun, education, and potentially lifesaving instruction with one of our SAFE™ Women’s Self Defense Parties.  Plan a meal, snacks, or dessert, and be prepared for a unique self defense experience! What made us so popular is our unique method of teaching with humour and our sharing of anecdotes. Experience our simulated attacks in scenario-specific situations such as at the front door, being followed, walking at night to the car, and more.

The women we have taught, in many ways, have helped shape the course for SAFE International™ by sharing their stories of tragedy and success.


Years ago, Chris Roberts, Managing Director of SAFE International™ was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Annual Ontario Block Parents Convention. There were approximately 100 people in attendance with the majority being women.  Included in that total was about 25 police officers.  In Chris' words, "I began my talk on how to avoid and handle potentially dangerous situations such as being followed, elevator safety, parking lots, plus much more. I noticed the women were laughing and engaged while about 20 of the male police officers sat there with their arms crossed staring at me with serious looks on their faces.  I was thinking this might not beSD Party 3 going so well even though all the women were very involved and listening. At this point, the senior police officer in the group stood up and asked if he could say something. I remember thinking,“Well, this is probably the end of my business. He is going to tell me not to make a joke out of personal safety.” In fact, he told the group that this was the best approach to personal safety he had ever seen! I spoke to him after and told him how he had scared the life out of me. He said that as a police officer, he was sitting listening to the information and not focusing on the humour. He agreed that my use of humour was a unique way to get the message across.  That was all I needed to hear and the use of humour in my presentations became a mainstay of the program."

Maybe the best proof I had that the use of humour was an effective and unique way to teach self defense was when I had a woman who managed a home for abused women came out to watch one of my seminars at a local high school. After the course, she approached me about doing a seminar at her shelter. I expressed my concern about teaching with humour and how would it go over in an intense setting like that. She said, “Chris, I have never known anyone to get upset because you made them laugh. I noticed that you make the topic fun to learn and you are not making fun of the topic.” That sealed it. It confirmed to me that I had found the perfect way to teach the topic of self defense.  Now don't get me wrong, I take the topic of violence prevention very seriously, but the use of humour has become a very valuable tool in how we reach people, making the learning environment an optimal one to share, learn, and grow from the education. 




   SAFE International™ Self Defense Parties

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....Or Book your Bachelorette Party with us!SAFE bacheloretteParty2

Your wedding is a special day, one you will remember forever. Why not make your bachelorette party memorable too, for you and your favourite gal pals? We have the perfect way to get all your wedding festivities started: a self defense party! Not only will you get to spend some quality time with your BFFs, but you’ll learn some valuable life-saving skills. And your hubby-to-be will also feel great 



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