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self defence classes melbourneSteve O’Connor is the first Certified Partner of SAFE International in Melbourne, Australia. As a young man Steven enjoyed learning the sport of boxing for a few years, and always enjoyed the world of martial arts through movies as many have. When Steven became older and started his own family, he began to look at self protection as a necessity for both himself and his family, as well as a need for people of all ages in the community.

He looked around and noticed there was no real option for those interested in personal protection that put an emphasis on how to be aware of, and avoid potentially dangerous scenarios. This is when Steven and SAFE International began talking as the SAFE approach seemed much different than most he had seen. Steven liked that the SAFE International curriculum addressed these concerns, in addition to practical, easily learned concepts which aren’t complicated requiring years of instruction.

With Steven O’Connor now being a SAFE International Certified Partner for the Melbourne, Australia area, he is now available to share his knowledge with the community and to help people “get home safely to their family”.



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