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Workplace violence is the number one security issue facing major U.S. and Canadian corporations. Workplace violence costs U.S. employers an estimated $36 billion annually. SAFE International™ provides Self Defense Personal Safety instruction and seminars throughout both Canada and the United States.

SAFE International is proud to have worked with a number of high profile corporate clients. Following are just some of the companies that SAFE has worked with to help make their employees safer.

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Workplace violence is the number one security issue facing major Canadian and U.S. corporations. Workplace violence costs Canadian and U.S. employers an estimated $36 billion annually. SAFE International™ provides Self Defense/Personal Safety instruction and seminars throughout Canada and the United States.

With workplace violence on the rise, company and organizational leaders have become increasingly concerned about protecting themselves and their staff. SAFE International™ can address these needs by providing seminars tailored to specific job needs in any service industry; ranging from real estate to health care to sales employees. Not only is self protection a necessity but it is now a form of insurance that will make your business more profitable and your employees more confident and secure.

With the passing of Bill 168, employers are now obligated to offer violence and harassment workshops/training for all employees in their workplace. This training does not have to be intimidating, it can in fact be presented in such a way that everyone learns the necessary skills while simultaneously interacting with their superiors and colleagues in a positive and entertaining way.

SAFE International SolutionHow can SAFE International™ help your bottom line and your employees? This self-protection seminar will provide employees with tips and strategies to recognize and avoid personal security risks while on the job. Through the teaching of both verbal and non-verbal techniques, the participants will learn how to take common sense measures to reduce the risk of being a victim. The knowledge they gain from the seminar can be applied to all aspects of their profession – sales, interacting with customers and co-workers, travel, and other work related transactions.

There are many instances when one might find themselves in an uncomfortable and potentially threatening situation – entertaining clients, business travel, leaving the office late/after dark by car, taxi, public transit, walking, etc.  In fact, the SAFE™ Corporate Curriculum will not only include work related safety strategies, but strategies that might be required from the moment one leaves their home until their safe return home after their workday.  A great introduction to the SAFE International™ concepts would be one of our Personal Safety Corporate Lunch & Learns, which you will see a little further down the page.

The verbal side of self defense.  The next step in any effective personal safety program is learning how to use safepuzzleA  verbal strategies to avoid confrontation or violence.  The majority of self defense companies teach a singular strategy of yelling “Back Off!” While this may work in a particular self defense scenario, the majority of companies are interested in more intelligent options which not only address potential violence, but also in dealing with their clients and/or customers.  

The majority of confrontational scenarios can be avoided by using some basic, yet effective, verbal strategies that not only treat the other person with respect, but also prepare you in the event that things become much more serious.  Virtually every company can benefit by teaching their employees these strategies.  As with all our instruction, this will not only help keep them safe on the job, but can also be implemented in their personal lives.

The physical side of self defense. Participants are also taught basic, practical, gross motor self defense skills meant to help one get away safely and as quick as possible. The principles of our teachings are based on how to react instinctively without having to think about what to do. All our courses include instruction in the 3 R’s of Recognize, React, and Respond.

Recognize – how to recognize a potentially dangerous situation is always our top priority. We address this by reviewing the daily routines and actions we all take whether it be in our personal or business lives.

React – how you react is a key component. Do you react with fear or confidence? Do you run or fight?

Respond – once you decide the best course of action, how do you respond in order to achieve the desired results. All these concepts are brought together through discussion, role playing, and realistic training drills.

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-business-team-five-young-people-applauding-focus-girl-right-side-image36244958Personal Safety Corporate Lunch & Learns. SAFE International™ has also gained a reputation for their 1 or 2 hour Personal Safety Corporate Lunch & Learns, which are not  only educational, but also high energy, and entertaining. We take a very serious topic and discuss it in a manner that becomes very memorable.  In fact, one of our clients told us that our Corporate Lunch & Learns should actually be called Lunch, Laugh, and Learns!  Show your employees you care by having us come in for a fast-paced seminar covering everything from personal safety on the job, to safety in their personal lives.

The following video is a short clip showing some of the fun everyone will have from participating in a SAFE International™ Corporate Lunch & Learn.

And here are just a few of the comments SAFE International™ has received from our corporate clients.  To see many more testimonials, please visit our Testimonials Page.

“Thank you Chris for an interesting session. You definitely present with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I will definitely refer you to anyone looking for such a session. We will keep you in mind for any possible future sessions.” 
Mary Vieni, Executive Director, addus

“It was very helpful! Even though the subject was serious, we really enjoyed it and had lots of laughs and tears.  The lessons help you focus on a quick response and areas of the body that may cause the perpetrator to hesitate long enough for you to escape or cause less bodily harm.” 
Madeline M., Carefor Health and Community Services

Thanks Chris for helping us all become more aware of personal safety and for helping us to stay safe!”
Heather Frizell R.N., Clinical Resource Nurse, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

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