Self Defense Classes Sydney, Australia

Teaching Real Self Defense Skills in Sydney

Self Defense Classes Sydney, AustraliaJeff Phillips is one of the highest qualified self defence presenters around. His academic background includes a degree in Health Science, a degree in Sports Science, a degree in education, an associate diploma in Business(Occupational Health & Safety), Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness as well as countless certificates in health, fitness and education. SAFE International™ is very proud to welcome Jeff to the their team of renowned instructors.

Employed as a Physical Education teacher for over 15 years, Jeff has held positions teaching primary, secondary & tertiary (adult) students. He owns & manages one of Sydney’s most successful Self Defence schools (Krav Maga Western Sydney) and is often called upon to conduct Workplace Health and Safety Training in managing violence for many professions such as; nurses, taxi drivers, bus drivers, school teachers, police, security, real estate and more. Jeff also owns & manages P5 Sports Performance Gym and has been a sports conditioner for almost 20 years.

In addition, Jeff’s self defence background is extensive. He was a championship kick-boxer and boxer, and has studied martial arts for 30 years. Jeff’s initial training began with his father (a Kung Fu instructor) and later ventured into Muay Thai (training extensively in Thailand), boxing, submission wrestling, MMA, freestyle wrestling & much more. Jeff later discovered Krav Maga & Combatives, and after many years of intensive study, became an instructor himself. He has strong knowledge & experience in reality-based systems, Close Quarter Combat and the psychology of violence.  Jeff has trained with many of the world’s top instructors and his training philosophy is constantly evolving. And even after all this time, he continues to learn and modify seeking best practice.

Jeff has decided to become Sydney’s SAFE™ representative as he always wants the best for his students and wants to align with the best. “SAFE is by far the world’s number one provider in self defence training and education. It is an honour to be a part of the wonderful work that SAFE™ does throughout the globe. I really like the philosophy and integrity Chris and the group display, they are genuine and use their knowledge to empower people in a positive way.”


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