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SAFE International™ has been a world leader in teaching Pure and Applied Self Defense since 1994. We have taught students and strengthened communities all over the world.

As part of our mission of making communities all over the world safer, we have certified self-defense instructors in Canada, the United States, Finland, Australia, and Germany.

Now is your chance to become a SAFE International™ Certified Self Defense Instructor. For a limited time, we are offering our intense self-defense instructor certification program.


 Who is This Course For? 

  • Experienced self-defense instructors looking to add a new certification
  • Owners and operators of martial arts schools
  • Corporate self-defense trainers
  • Law enforcement trainers
  • People with no self-defense training who want to make their communities safer
  • Parents interested in teaching their family sound self-defense tactics


How the SAFE International™ Instructor Certification Works


The SAFE International™ Instructor Certification program guides students through the curriculum during these three days to teach the basics of SAFE 101 self-defense and to demonstrate effective methods for teaching these techniques to others.

Our SAFE 101 Curriculum has been updated every year for the past 23 years so that our students and instructors are always on the cutting-edge of self-defense concepts and principles.

Our curriculum is based on the simple premise of:

If I only had 5 hours to teach a group of people with no previous training, what would I teach them? 

We take into account the complex legal, moral, and ethical considerations of self-defense.

Our students are not just taught about the physical aspects of self-defense. We also focus on the often neglected psychological and behavioural issues as well.

Our self-defense certification is a holistic and comprehensive workshop. You will be well versed in all the key elements of self-defense, and you will be prepared to teach others.

In addition to our core curriculum, we also offer additional modules that you may want to take. To find out more on each module, please contact us. 


SAFE Modules

Benefits of Instructor Certification

Why would I want to be a Certified SAFE International™ Self-Defense Instructor?

Our global reputation for excellence means that when you earn our certification, everyone else knows that you really must know your stuff. Going through the certification process gives you the confidence to teach others, demonstrates to your future students that you know what you’re talking about, and allows you to prove to anyone that you are a fully trained self-defense instructor.

Students who complete the certification program will receive:

  • Official certification listing on our website
  • Official SAFE International™ badge and banner you can use to promote your services
  • Critical self-defense knowledge and skills you won’t find anywhere else
  • Teaching techniques to help you train others in the SAFE International™ methods



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