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SAFE Modular CurriculumThis module covers every general self defense base in great detail. Going in depth into the psychology of violence, we examine closely the relation of human behaviour to both social and anti-social violence with the primary focus of avoidance through both environmental and situational awareness.

Using proven behavioural and psychological principles to navigate through the chaos of confrontation, this module will give you the tools to defuse and de-escalate a potentially violent assault using tried and tested tactics.

Topics include fear, stress and confrontation management skills, differentiating between a good guy having a bad day and a genuine ‘bad guy’, verbal de-escalation strategies, conflict resolution principles, setting up your own ‘ambush’, how to use deceptive body language and natural defensive postures to your advantage, the comprehensive dissection of the ego, pre-contact cues and indicators, threat and behavioural pattern recognition as well as the legal, moral, ethical and ripple effects of surviving a violent confrontation.

Also covered are the defenses against the most common attacks on both genders using the 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation (aka as the notorious ‘Shredder’) including but not limited to shoves, grabs, tackles, sucker punches, take downs, pinned to the ground, mounted, strangulations, bear hugs, chokes and other aggravated assaults.

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