Ground Defense

This module deals with situations where you are literally off your feet. The human survival instinct consists of ‘fight and/or flight’ and being on the ground literally eliminates the very goal of self defense, which is the ability to escape/run away and get home safely.

The reality of an attack is that if it hits the ground or you are purposefully taken there, the environment plays a monumental role in the outcome of the situation. Rarely will it be a mattress or gym mat. Environments can vary between hard wood floors, ceramic, tile, concrete, laminate, industrial or thick carpets, asphalt, a stair case, cement, grass, dirt road, mountain trail gravel road, public bus floor, most of which are very unfriendly environments to be physically trying to defend one’s self against a heavier, stronger psychopath determined to rape and kill a middle aged woman for instance.

That particular visual about the elderly lady defending herself against a sociopath for example, is critical to mention as many unfortunately confuse grappling/wrestling with ground fighting, and ground fighting for the purpose of winning vs. ground fighting for the purpose of surviving. All very different animals.

This module covers every aspect of the ground fight. Including but not limited to: What to do if you find yourself on the ground already - Have been taken to the ground - How to get back up as safely as possible - How to avoid and intercept someone trying to get on top of you - What to do once someone is on top of you, with every intention including but not limited to: being pinned in and from various positions, strangled both from a personal and impersonal perspective, repeatedly struck (ground and pound), sexual assault, rape, avoiding and, how to handle as best and logically as possible (with no guarantees needed to say) being stabbed repeatedly – And much more.

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