Multiple Attackers

Next to facing an armed opponent, facing multiple attackers is probably one of the most dangerous situations one can unfortunately come across, especially if they are armed.

This module explores several strategies in facing multiple attackers including developing a psychological and behavioural arsenal necessary to escape as unharmed as possible.

As there are no guarantees in such circumstances, the primary objective is in avoiding and de-escalating while setting the assailants up for the proverbial ‘kill’ as it were.

Providing the situation hasn’t immediately escalated into a physical one, or originated in an ambush; and if avoidance and de-escalation failed then the verbal defusing stage of the confrontation’s secondary purpose of effectively setting up an escape plan via a stun & run strategy, is primed and ready to go.

This isn’t about getting into a knockdown, drag out brawl, this is about surviving, evading and escaping and as in one piece as possible.

Topics covered but not limited to: the demystification of fighting multiple attackers, psychological warfare, tactical set ups, the manipulation of human behaviour in relation to pack attacks, proper defensive, evasive and set up footwork, distancing and proximity sense, how to use the environment you are in as an asset and more.

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