5 Principles of Physical Retaliation

This module covers Senshido International founder Richard Dimitri’s, world renowned and revised 5 Principles of physical retaliation aka “The Shredder”.

  1. >Identifying primary and secondary targets.
  2. Identifying one’s closest weapons (including natural/body and extended/improvised weapons) to closest and most damaging targets and how to differentiate in the heat of the moment.
  3. The ability to interpret/feel another’s movements and physical intentions through the sense of touch.
  4. How to physically retaliate without giving away or telegraph one’s intention to the aggressor.
  5. How to move in relation to energy conservation, efficiency and deception.

Also known as, and often confused to strictly being “The Shredder concept”, each of the 5 principles are broken down, demystified and covered in extensive detail and over every proximity (distance/range).

Topics include but are not limited to applying the 5 principles in over a dozen drills including common attacks.

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