Women's Self Defense

This module is specifically designed for the female gender taking into consideration of course that men and women are approached and attacked differently and with more often than not, a differing intent.

The topics of rape and sexual assault are covered in great depth and much like the Fundamental’s module; we dive deep into the psychology of violence and closely examine the relation of human behaviour to violence against women specifically, and with the primary focus of avoidance through both environmental and situational awareness as well as tried, tested and proven psychological principles.

Topics covered include fear, stress and confrontation management skills, verbal de-escalation strategies and conflict resolution principles, the differentiating between social and anti-social violence, what to do if being followed or stalked, how to deal with a solitary and/or confined environment (elevator, staircase, underground parking lot, etc.) how to use deceptive body language and natural defensive postures to your advantage, dealing with a physically larger and overpowering aggressor, how to handle aggression and intimidation and more.

Also covered in depth are the physical defenses against the most common attacks on women including but not limited to: grabs, being pulled and controlled by the hair, tackles, being taken down to the ground, being pinned to the ground, mounted, hands & rope strangulations from front and read, bear hugs, chokes, and other aggravated assaults.

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