Women's Self Defence Courses

In North America, up to one in three women will face sexual assault in their lifetime.

SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence offers specialized self-defence training tailored for women, emphasizing the importance of identifying and avoiding potential threats. Our programs, designed for busy lifestyles, equip participants with practical violence prevention strategies, awareness, and easy-to-learn self-defence tactics suitable for any physical condition. 

While people often learn essential skills and insure their possessions, they may overlook the most critical protection—self-defence. Self-defence is akin to life insurance, offering peace of mind and safety, especially for women who are at a heightened risk for certain types of violence. 

Our approach is designed to ease the intimidation often felt when considering self-defence, ensuring a comfortable learning environment.

Enrolling in a SAFE Self-Defense Course will enhance your safety with situational awareness strategies tailored to your daily routines. You will embrace intelligent strategies for conflict avoidance and learn straightforward self-defence principles and concepts to counter common attacks effectively. You will also benefit from trauma-informed instruction suitable for all, including those who have experienced trauma.

Reach out to us now to explore our family courses, self-defence parties, and personalized training options. 

Family Self Defence Courses

Our 4-hour Family Self-Defence Workshops are designed to enhance your family's safety right from the comfort of your home. These sessions are personalized to meet your family’s unique needs, providing a comfortable and convenient way to learn vital personal protection skills together.

Key Benefits:

  • The comfort of Your Home: Learn self-defence where you're most at ease, using your home environment to your advantage.
  • Convenience: We come to you, saving you time and fitting seamlessly into your schedule.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Our customized courses focus on realistic scenarios and practical techniques relevant to your family.
  • Family Bonding: Strengthen family ties through a shared learning experience that empowers each member.

Equip your family with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves, enhancing your peace of mind.

Indigenous Self Defence Courses

SAFE is committed to the safety of Indigenous communities, aiming for everyone to return home without harm. We've developed a violence prevention and self-defence course to support this goal. We offer certification training for local leaders when collaborating with communities like Timiskaming First Nations, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, and others. This enables them to sustainably educate all community members, including adults, youth, and seniors, in methods to keep safe.

Consider These Statistics:

  • In Canada, Indigenous people account for almost 1/4 of the victims of violence and assault despite compromising just 5% of the population. 
  • Rates of almost all types of violent victimization are higher for Indigenous people than for non-Indigenous people. Specifically, the sexual assault rate of Indigenous people is nearly three times that of non-Indigenous people. In contrast, the physical assault rate of Indigenous people is nearly double that of non-Indigenous people.
  • In 2014, Indigenous people were more likely than non-Indigenous people to have been victims of spousal violence in the past five years.
  • Half of Indigenous victims of spousal violence report experiencing the more severe forms of marital violence, such as sexual assault, beatings, chokings, or being threatened with a gun or knife. This compares with just under ¼ of non-Indigenous victims of spousal violence. 

Benefits of SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence Courses for Your Community:

  • Enhanced skills in recognizing, avoiding, and preventing violence.
  • Effective conflict-resolution training to de-escalate violence.
  • Accessible self-defence techniques for all ages, genders, and abilities.
  • Boosted confidence to address bullying, harassment, and violence.
  • Practical defences against common attacks.
  • And more.

Seniors Safety

SAFE is committed to empowering the older adult community with practical and engaging violence prevention and self-defence courses that are not only honest and relevant but also fun and memorable. 

Self-defence might not immediately be associated with older adults, yet seniors face a significant risk of violence. Around 10 percent experience crime—comparable to the rates among younger Canadians facing physical threats. [i] Recognizing this vulnerability, we have tailored a self-defence course for seniors, addressing their unique needs.

Given that health issues can impact seniors' ability to physically defend themselves, our program strongly emphasizes awareness and avoidance strategies in personal safety training. We guide participants through various daily scenarios, preparing them to navigate potential dangers effectively.


"Safe International's teaching principles of humour and relevance worked well with our group. Getting older adults out of their homes and involved in programs can be very challenging. Safe International understands that teaching self-defence through fear tactics does not work well with older adults. They also understand the importance of educating through laughter.

The techniques taught were relevant and took into account the varying abilities of the students. All enjoyed time for questions and story sharing; the preventative skills they learned were crucial.

Self-defence is an essential skill for older adults, not only to keep them safe but also to give them confidence. Many of our older adults have lost abilities over the years and struggle to remain independent. Safe International helped them regain a sense of control and independence in their lives.

I strongly recommend Safe International to other Older Adult Centres.

Yours truly,

Sherri Bulmer

Older Adult Program Co-ordinator, Central Eglinton Community Centre

Student Self Defence Courses

Since 1994, our SAFE High School Self-Defence Course has empowered over 200,000 students with essential life-saving safety education. Celebrated by students and teachers as a highlight of the high school experience, this program combines practical defence mechanisms with critical safety education, making it a favourite educational activity.

Key Highlights:

  • Widely Praised: This is a standout program in high schools, known for its engaging and interactive approach to self-defence and safety education.
  • Life-Saving Lessons: Numerous testimonials confirm the course's effectiveness in real-world situations, showcasing its impact on student safety.
  • Tailored for Teens: The curriculum is designed specifically for high schoolers, focusing on realistic scenarios, empowerment, and confidence-building.
  • Trusted and Proven: With decades of success, our course is a proven component of adolescent education, aiming to create a safer future for students.

The SAFE High School Self-Defence Course isn't just an activity; it's a critical investment in student safety and empowerment, ensuring they're prepared for the world beyond high school.

High School Principal Testimonial

For several years, our TDSB school's Phys. ed. department has invited SAFE International to visit its classes and provide workshops to all grade 9 students. In response to our growing concern that our students lacked the awareness of potentially dangerous situations which may put them at risk, we began to place more emphasis on personal safety in our health and physical education classes, including units on personal safety, injury prevention, conflict resolution, decision-making, and reducing vulnerability.

The workshops from SAFE International complement our program in a valuable and relevant way for youth. Students and parents alike have expressed their gratitude and praise. These workshops have given students helpful information on detecting dangerous situations, diffusing or de-escalating potentially hazardous situations and reacting in ways that would improve their chances of "getting away" in the event of confrontation or danger. The staff are knowledgeable and professional, and they've been an excellent resource for our teaching staff.

Sincerely, Sandy Kaskens

Corporate Safety Courses

Employers have a responsibility to ensure a safe workplace, benefiting both employees and the company through increased morale and productivity.

Our violence-prevention training tackles all forms of workplace violence, from harassment to assault, ensuring safety in the office and during business travel. SAFE offers comprehensive self-defence and conflict-resolution training for professionals across various industries. 

From brief lunch-and-learn sessions to tailored workshops, our programs leave attendees educated, invigorated, and empowered to create a secure environment. 


The feedback we've received is as follows: 100% of the respondents found the facilitator knowledgeable in the subject matter. 100% of the respondents felt engaged throughout the duration of the workshop. 100% of the respondents felt their knowledge and skills increased as a result of the workshop. – Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan 

"Thank you, Chris, for an interesting session. You present with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I will refer you to anyone looking for such a session. We will keep you in mind for any possible future sessions."– Mary Vieni, Executive Director, Addus